I’m on Tinder.

This is no surprise to you.

The other day I got a message from a guy:

Hold the phone!

I get the “I like the curves” comment but am I fucking cross eyed in my pictures?



Maybe he said it just to get a rise out of me because I’m half tempted to respond with:


Instead I’m ignoring his comment but taking to my blog to vent.

Crossed eyes?!

If I thought my eyes were crossed on my photos would I post them?

I think not!

Who wants to look like an imbecile in their photos.

What a moron!

Oh dear, do my eyes cross?

Is there something to what he’s saying?

So I’m asking you guys, do my eyes cross in one of these pictures?

Which one?


3 thoughts on “Help!

  1. Only when you’re focusing on a cell phone camera for a selfie, but TBH that’s everyone which is a subtle reason whey most selfie’s look kinda off to me.

  2. Dante is right on the money. It’s selfie focus. I get it when I hold the phone close. Check out the selfies your friends post. You’ve probably just filtered out the cross-eyed look because you know what they look like. You have nice open eyes and so it seems a little more pronounced. Look at picture 2 in the series. It’s a prime example. Anyway, the rest of the message seems nice to me. I would just make a joke about selfie focus and see where it goes.

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