Mini Lingerie Haul

How long has it been since I had a LINGERIE HAUL?

It’s been a while, that’s how long.

My last haul was a bunch of lingerie for my boudoir photo shoot in 2014.

SIX YEARS of restraint and moderation!

Well, that went out the window today.

Basically SOMEONE (and I’m not saying who) is seeing me naked and (you know me) I want to be slowly stripped of my sexy lingerie piece by piece.

I fell in love with this yellow set but couldn’t justify the $100 price tag on it:

So I did a search for yellow lingerie and I came across this lovely set for a quarter of the price:

I also picked up a lingerie set in red:

And a white bra (since my current favorite white bra is looking a little grey from all the washings):

I did find the lovely neon pink lingerie set which I wanted to buy but since it’s a PUSH UP bra, the largest cup size it comes in is a C-cup!

Imagine me stuffing my G’s into a C-cup!

I think not.

So there you have it. . .

. . . a mini lingerie haul for me to thrill my partner.

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