That lingerie haul was fun!

I’m reminded of how much pleasure I get from simple things like a scrap of fabric fashioned into clothing for your nethers.

And speaking of getting pleasure from simple things, it’s been YEARS since I got a tattoo.

It used to be that every time I’d go to Reno, I’d come back with a new tattoo.

HOWEVER, two things have sidelined my tattoo adventure:

  1. I got a polyamory-like tattoo BY ACCIDENT thinking it meant “infinite love” which in a way is true.  It’s also ironically appropriate for me at this time in my life when I’m single and dating.
  2. I also got a raging case of cellulitis in my right foot when I got my last tattoo because I was taking nude pictures of myself in my sister’s hot tub and I got my foot wet, wet, wet.n  My foot turned into a balloon and swelled up like you wouldn’t BELIEVE!

Seeing as how it’s been a few years, it seems like now is as good a time as any to get back on the tattoo bandwagon.

I’m intrigued by a few designs – phoenix, flowers, dream catchers and mandalas.

So I’m wondering what you think about me getting a new tattoo.  Should I do it and if so, what should I get?

One thought on “Tattoo

  1. I decided to do one more–probably. Tiny mountain range tramp stamp area. Do you have a certain quilt design you like that would make a tattoo shape as two tone?

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