Me and Pilots


You put up one profile pic of you flying a plane and suddenly every single pilot from here to Auburn is asking you out.

Today I had an impromptu date with Ryan, a commercially rated, multi engine pilot.  He owns his own twin engine plane.  Impressive.  He also has a fifth wheel.  Color me happy.  And a speedboat.  Pretty amazing.

On paper, he looks exactly like the man for me.  I wasn’t even troubled that I stood a good two inches taller than him.  He was handsome and articulate and very very fun to talk to.

He asked me out of Tuesday.  I love when  man asks you out for the net date while you’re still on a date. Such nice positive feedback.

I’m not sure there was that strong of a connection but I enjoyed his company enough to say yes to a second date.

I’ll have to brush up on my pilot lingo before then.