From Sweden to Norway with love

With the Swede happily engaged, what’s a girl to do but move on?

I met a Norwegian.

Like an honest-to-goodness-lives-in-Norway Norwegian!




Opened doors for me.

And just because it’s weighing on my mind, I asked him if I could move “back” to Norway if the outcome of the Presidential election is not to my liking.

Norway, if you can believe it, maintains universal health care and a comprehensive social security system, and its values are rooted in egalitarian ideals.

I think I would love Norway, except for all that SNOW!

The funny thing is, though my 23 and Me test can definitely tell me I had relatives in Portugal (my maternal grandmother was Portuguese) and Norway, no one in my birthfamily has ever mentioned Norway.

Switzerland, yes.

Ireland, yes.

But Norway, no.

If I thought meeting my birthfamily would clear up the “where did I come from” question, I was wrong.

Norway is still a mystery to me.

But now perhaps I can plan a trip to the motherland seeing as how I have a new Norwegian friend.

From Sweden to Norway, with love!


One thought on “From Sweden to Norway with love

  1. My Scandinavian roots are more Norway than Sweden and I embrace them! So much tasty food and fun. I’d love to visit it someday, I will enjoy it through you when you visit! NOTE: favored ‘swear’ word is ‘Uffda’ and the midwest (MN) is full of Norwegians.

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