Just for shits and giggles, I came across a Google game and I played.

You enter your name plus “Apocalypse Costume” and look at the images that pop up:

Just want to point out all the BAD ASS BITCHES who turn up, including Michelle Rodriguez:

Truthfully, all this reminds me of is Burning Man:  Where people regularly wear dystopian clothing and adornments (for men and women) portraying their inner selves.

So give it a shot and see what turns up.

Maybe you’ll be inspired to revamp your wardrobe.

For sure, you’ll start wearing gloves and a mask.

As a burner, I have at least 3 masks which I use at the Burn – two RZ neoprene masks and my “disco” mask which is pretty but useless at doing anything except keeping me from touching my face:

Stay safe out there, my friends.