Boho black lace outfit

I’ve been working on a black lace dress outfit for Burning Man on account of how much I liked my white lace dress outfit that I brought with me last year.

The premise is pretty simple:

Take a transparent lace dress and put a high-waisted bikini on underneath it.

Add a few accessories, like a belt, and you’re good to go.

So I bought a black lace dress off the internet:

And then I bought a bikini to go with the dress:

What I really want to add to it now is a bunch of bangles, a skinny bohemian scarf, AND A FAUX FUR VEST.

Plus some OUTRAGOUS boho earrings.

I realize that in all likelihood, the Burn will be cancelled this year and I will have nowhere to wear my outfits (new or old) due to social distancing, but it makes me feel good to be working on something.