Stayin’ Alive

Burning Man 2020 has been cancelled.

I am crushed but resigned to the fact that our lives are going to be dramatically altered in order to combat COVID-19.

Honestly, it makes a lot of sense to cancel Burning Man.

People have to get together and congregate in order to build the art and critical infrastructure that is needed to create Black Rock City.

Burning Man has been careful to emphasize that Burning Man isn’t cancelled, just the container of Black Rock City which gave us a city to practice the 10 Principles.

I’m not going to lie.

Burning Man in Black Rock City is a HUGE part of the Burning Man experience for me.

I knew that while I was sitting in line at Gate the first time, watching people get out of their cars and party in the lanes with music, beers, and festivity that this city was something special.

It does something extraordinary to the people who attend.

Now, in order to keep the Burning Man vision alive, we will need to find novel ways to combat isolation and once again gather together virtually and spiritually.

If I don’t seem too concerned, it’s because I’m not.

Burning Man for me is a YEAR ROUND experience.

From themed birthday parties to fundraisers to backyard entertainment, Burning Man is alive and well and living in the hearts of all my friends.

What I am MOST concerned about is the internal layoffs at Burning Man.

What a terrible time to be unemployed.

My heart goes out to the hardworking Burning Man staff who create the container that is Burning Man for the rest of us to enjoy.

The Burn will rise again triumphant, I have no doubt of that.

We will keep it alive until we can all get together again.

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  1. I saw the Burn was cancelled yesterday and thought of you. Good attitude. Burning Man has built such a strong culture and community over the years it will endure!!

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