Burning Man Reflections

Now, in the midst of all the sadness over the cancellation of Burning Man, I want to take a moment to reflect on what has happened in my life since I first landed a lucky ticket in the Main Sale of 2015.

I could never have known then how very much it was going to change my life.

From finding my “tribe” to developing new passions, it’s been a journey that began with one simple desire:

Write a series of blog posts about going to Burning Man.

I’ll never forget the panic that set in right after I purchased my first Burning Man ticket.

Here I was, a single 40-year old woman getting ready to go camping for a week in one of the harshest environments known to man BY MYSELF.

I knew I needed to find people to go with.

My very first “burner” event was a costume exchange and workshop in the Santa Cruz Mountains hosted by the South Bay Burners.

I met the event organizer for the first time at that workshop and after talking to her, I was more convinced than ever that I could do this.

Since that time, I have attended Burning Man every year and each year has been a different experience but one thing is sure:  I grew as a person because of my experiences there.

I developed a passion for costuming and cosplay.

I grew to love EDM music and dancing until all hours of the night.

I learned all about new campmates and developed lifelong friendships.

I see lots of Burning Man pictures on the internet.

Most involve scantily clad women posing by art in a dusty and barren environment.

To me, that’s the least of what I’ve seen at Burning Man.

For me, Burning Man is alive and well and living in the effortless dusty grins on the faces of my friends and all Burning Man participants.

It truly is a magical wonderland and I for one will always be thankful I stumbled upon it, even at the ripe age of 40.

I’ve always been a strong advocate for lifelong learning and for me, Burning Man is another way to continue to grow and develop as a person.

It’s not just a way in which I continue to develop new skills and explore who I am as a person, it is (in my opinion) THE BEST way to do it!

I encourage everyone to come see what’s it’s all about.

If Burning Man is too much of a commitment for you, try a regional burn like unSCruz or Precompression in the city.

There’s a million ways to get involved.

What are you waiting for?

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