Getting back to work (eventually)

I’ve been working on a new outfit, but it’s not for Burning Man.

It’s for “Return to Work” day – whenever that might be.

I can’t wait to see my colleagues and so I’m devising an outfit to wear for our triumphant return to work life.

Usually my inspiration comes from some serious brainstorming, but today I was inspired by a color:

These vibrant purple statement earrings caught my eye:

I’ve quickly cobbled together an outfit using items I already have in my closet – a white midi pencil skirt and a faux wrap white blouse:

I also am thinking of buying THIS blouse as a backup:

I found a beautiful satin wrap obi belt, which would look amazing against a stark white background:

And finally, a pair of retro chic platform heels for dramatic effect:

Who knows when we will all be back at work?

It will certainly be a nice change of pace to get out of my pajamas and tees and into a proper work outfit.

Whenever that might be. . .