Joy for all

Well, it’s official. . .

I have 1,000 blog followers:

It’s literally taken me 14 years and two websites to garner this many readers, but it’s finally happened.

I know, I know.

It’s not like I’m a Kardashian with millions of followers.

But I’m pleased with my little patch of real estate on the internet and all the people I’ve reached through it.

My very first blog post was written on April 6, 2006.

I’d just started law school, was working full time, while raising two wonderful kids.

For historical reference, here is my first blog post:

“My name is Michelle and this is my weblog. On these pages you will find postings about my personal and academic life. I work full-time while I raise two boys and go to law school. I have a serious need for distraction and entertainment and this is it (along with reading your replies to my postings). If you have stumbled on to this corner of cyber space by accident, welcome to my life.

I call this space unblunder. It’s my way of paying homage to my ridiculous past mistakes which I can’t fix while simultaneously swearing loudly (and a little profanely) that I will NEVER make that mistake again…”

Here I am, 14 years (almost to the day) and 1,000 followers later.

I am so appreciative of everyone who has reached out to me over the years to offer words of support, a laugh, and friendship.

It means more to me than you’ll ever know.

So here’s to another 14 years, may they bring happiness, fulfillment and joy for all.