Smoke Show

Once upon a time, I bought a silver tribal necklace for Burning Man:

I wound up wearing it at unSCruz in 2018.

Originally, I purchased it from a store in etsy run by CValentina.

She has some INCREDIBLE Turkish statement necklaces, and I’ve been thinking it might be a good time to pick up another tribal-style necklace.

Mostly because I’m not sure where I put my original necklace after I had a repair to make on it.

Naturally, I was pleased to see that the store is still up and running on etsy.

And she’s got some delightful NEW NECKLACES that would fit the bill:

Most run from approximately $75 to $125 in price and are well worth the investment.

If you can keep track of them.

I’ve had mine since February 2018 and it’s only ever required one small repair to a jump ring.

When I wore it, I got lots of compliments on it and I think it’s a really beautiful eye-catching piece that can be worn with lots of different outfits.

Here is my tribal outfit, in its entirety:

And here is my latest version, Smoke Show: