Hats off

It’s hard to write blog posts during a pandemic.

I have to ignore the voice in my head screaming that people are suffering and dying and instead focus on something else that can grab my attention.

And it’s damn hard to focus on anything else.

The last thing I want to do is to spend more time focusing on the virus.

Instead I choose to pay attention to something that gives me a little relief from all the COVID-19 talk.

My costumes.

My hat and the custom hat band I ordered arrived in the mail yesterday.

I had to fight like the dickens to remove the boring old hat band that came with the pretty chapeau so I could replace it with my new and improved hat band.

I don’t think it turned out too shabby, how about you?

It is quickly replacing my pirate hat as my favorite hat:

Ironically, I have a HUGE selection of hats – from dark brown felt Stetsons to pomp om beanies and more.

It was a joke among the men I dated from Tinder that all my profile pictures had me wearing some sort of hat or helmet.

Can’t help it that interesting things happen when I’m wearing a hat.

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