Things are getting hairy

I’m 46 years old and trying to figure out how to give myself space buns.

Yes, space buns:

I bought a pack of fake hair from China years ago only to discover that the hair was WAY TOO BLONDE for me and just not thick enough to be effective.

So I went back online (FIRST MISTAKE) and I ordered two clips of 24 inch long curly hair.

I figured that would be good enough to give me some extra volume.

My SECOND MISTAKE was overestimating how much hair I would need.

The hair clips I bought LITERALLY LOOK LIKE big hairy tribbles sitting on my head.

I shit you not!

Now that I’ve had a chance to fuck up not once, but TWICE, I think I’ve figured out how to do it properly.

This design appeals to me and looks like there’s enough to create some volumized space buns, without looking too much like a cartoon character.

The problem is, it’s made with real human hair and I once saw a documentary on how women in India were tricked into shaving their heads to give their hair to a temple as an offering.

The temple turned around and sold the hair to human hair extension companies to clean up and process and quite honestly, I’m a bit skeeved out at the idea of wearing someone else’s hair.

Yes, you heard it here first.

I prefer synthetic hair.

So there you have it.

Lesson #1:  Don’t buy synthetic hair from China.

Lesson #2:  Don’t buy human hair from India.

So I’ve spent a great deal of time combing the internet (ha ha, pun totally intended) for synthetic hair pony tails.

This is what I found:

From Zala Hair Extensions.

Here is my BEFORE picture with no extensions:

We’ll see how my space buns look when my fake ponytails arrive in the mail.

Can’t wait!