Show off

I took piano lessons from the time I was in Pre-school all the way through college.

I was, as you might expect, pretty proficient at it.

I stopped playing piano (and singing in the chorale I belonged to) when my son Douglas died and honestly, I haven’t really given it a thought until recently.

At Burning Man, all sorts of talents are encouraged and I must admit I have some very talented friends who play guitar, sing, dance, spin fire, and so much more.

I’m sad that my skills on the piano have waned in the absence of their use.

Because I think it would be fun to play a song or two for my friends, and possibly even sing along with the music.

There is a more mundane reason why I haven’t played the piano in so long.

I have long nails and they go clickety clickty click on the keys and drive me absolutely bonkers!

But now that we’re in quarantine and I haven’t had my nails worked on in months, they’re all short and therefore TOTALLY CAPABLE OF PLAYING THE PIANO.

I am tempted to go find some sheet music and just DIG INTO IT.

Let’s see how much I can remember, shall we?

It’s ironic, because I don’t think my children have ever heard me play the piano.

That makes me sad.

I should show off.

Just a little.

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