Hello hair!

My mom has been clearing out her garage during shelter in place.

She came across a motherload of old photos, and was kind enough to share one with me.

This is me my sophomore year in high school:

Notice the 80’s style feathered bangs and curled ends.

I was lucky I never had one of those perms that was so popular back in the day.


I remember spending HOURS combing my bangs so they fell just right and then spraying them in place with AQUA NET hairspray.

Like Trump, in a stiff breeze, my bangs would stand straight up, as if they were a rudder I was supposed to use to steer myself through the wind.

Little known fact – this picture was taken pre-cosmetic surgery.

You’ll notice under my left eye a small brown mark.

I had an unsightly mole there and it took forever but I managed to convince my parents to let me have it removed.

I love this picture.

I look so wholesome and virginal because back then I WAS WHOLESOME AND VIRGINAL.

Welcome to the 80s!

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