I may have overstepped my bounds

I may have overstepped my bounds, a little.

In my enthusiasm over losing weight (a whopping 18.2 pounds as of 6/5/2020), I opted to buy the SLAVE GIRL PRINCESS LEIA COSTUME from Star Wars.

Yes, I did.

And honestly, I’m proud of the costume.

As boyfriends of mine will testify, I am ANYTHING but submissive.

So the fact that I’m working on a SLAVE Princess Leia costume and a SLAVE Egyptian costumes has nothing to do with my submissiveness.

Or my desire to be perceived as a “slave.”

Rather, I like the idea of someone who is powerful taking on a submissive role in order to undermine the fascist regime she is living in.

I love that the hero of Star Wars was Rey, a scavenger and a WOMAN.

I’ll admit, it’s a little early for me to be sporting a Slave Girl Princess Leia costume.

But honestly, isn’t it something we should all aspire to?

Taking the slings and arrows life throws at you and emerging triumphant over a slovenly Jabba the Hut?

I resonate with those fighting to create a better world, a better America for it’s citizens and a more responsible country for the world at large.

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