Never underestimate the power of appearance

The other day I admitted to Tejas that the man I was going out with was unemployed and living with his parents.

Naturally, Tejas asked me why was I wasting my time.

The answer I gave him:

Don’t underestimate the power of appearance.

He’s tall, like a tree tall.

And I can’t help but imagining myself climbing him like Jack climbed the beanstalk.

Only to slide down that huge tree trunk.


Did I really say that?

I did.

Don’t think I don’t question my own sanity.

Why spend time with someone so clearly in need of a rebuild?

Well, the answer is simple.


No, I’m kidding.

Really, it’s that everyone is deserving of love.

I might not latch my wagon to him, but I’ll certainly go toe-to-toe in a race with him.

Never underestimate the power of appearance.

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