My eldest has turned twenty one.

He is currently away getting training for the Army Reserves so we were unable to celebrate with him in person, which makes me sad.

I LITERALLY can’t wait to buy him an adult beverage at a bar or nightclub.

It’s crazy to think that not that long ago, I was rocking him to sleep and changing his diapers.

How time has FLOWN!

He’s my headstrong child who usually figures out how to get his way in everything he does.

He’s charming, as I’m sure all the girls who have enjoyed his company with testify to.

There’s hardly a person he can’t win over with his personality.

I love him so much and if I had to do it all over again, I would because it has been a thrill being his mother.

Mind you, I was a bit of an anxious mother, having lost my first son to cancer in 1998.

When Duncan arrived in 1999 I was determined to be as perfect as I could be.

Naturally, I failed.

Hopefully, he will agree that I learned from my mistakes and still managed to bring him up the right way.

It’s hard to have him gone from the home.

I’ve become accustomed to his volume, to the larger-than-life space he occupies in our household.

I’ve even learned to tolerate his more conservative political views.

More than anything, I want to wish him a long, happy, and prosperous life on the 21st anniversary of his birth.

I asked him what he did for his birthday.

He spent the day in a medic class, getting tasered.

I got two videos of him being zapped.

In one, he’s on the ground and he screamed like a little girl and rolled around when they tasered him.

In the other, they shot him in the stomach with the taser and he literally stood there and took it.

Go figure.

That’s my man-child!