Etsy for the win!

My home buffet for birds and squirrels has been a grand success.

The neighborhood ravens are smart and “dig” through the birdseed to find the peanuts which they fly off with.

I’d taken to putting all the peanuts in a pile on top of the birdseed so that they could feast without making a mess of the birdseed.

Just pluck a peanut from off the top and head out.

My buffet was inspired by my friend who rehabilitates ravens.

I like to call her “Mother of Ravens.”

The other day while perusing etsy, I found a beautiful stained glass necklace of a raven and I had to get it for her.

Little did I know that it was going to take nearly three months for the gift to ship from the artist’s studio in St. Petersburg, Russia to California.

But it has finally arrived.

And my friend loves it so it was well worth the wait.

Etsy for the win, folks.

Nothing like a one-of-a-kind handmade gift to tell a friend their friendship is cherished.