I’m getting pierced today.

I’ll be getting a second set of piercings in my ears.

It’s something I’ve been wanting for a long time and since I’m in Reno (where I tend to get pierced and tattooed), I figured now is as good a time as any.

The BIG news isn’t my piercings, however.

No, my kid is getting her belly button pierced.

And I get to hold her hand while it happens.

Only one person is allowed in the room so I’m lucky to be included in the activity.

Basically, I’m there so that my kid can mangle my hand during the procedure.

She’s nervous, to say the least.

I think a belly button piercing will look splendid.

I’ll post the final results later.

Until then, happy new holes in my head!

One thought on “Pierced!

  1. I’d gotten my ears done as a 13 year old..rite of passage. Later I had an extra one and felt lopsided. So, i got the 4th done. I’m not sure I want more. Nipples would be fun, but I’m pretty sure another tat would be less invasive or visible to anyone who might actually see part of me someday!! I’ll look forward to seeing what you share!

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