Well, I went and did it.

I got two more holes in my head.

In my ears, to be exact.

I went to a piercing studio in Reno and I got my ears pierced by a guy nicknamed Thumper.

So far, the piercings look good.

The good news is that they’re not bleeding or weeping fluid.

The bad news is that my daughter accompanied me to get her belly button pierced and (if you can believe it) she was unable to do that because she doesn’t have enough stomach fat/excess skin for the piercing to be successful.

What a problem, huh?

Being too thin.

In any case, she opted to get her conches pierced with beautiful opal stone studs.

My daughter took pictures of my piercings and managed to capture the moments when Thumper pierced both ears (one after the other).

The first piercing I didn’t even feel.

The second piercing felt like a pinch.

I’m pretty happy with the results for me and for my daughter.

Here’s some needle pics for those of you who aren’t squeamish.

One thought on “Studly

  1. Too thin. Those were the days!! One of the things I read about tats is that the more fat, the easier it is. I reckon I’m a good candidate for almost anywhere! lol
    Your ears look GREAT!

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