Thick girl in a red dress

The truth about shopping for Burning Man, at least for me, is that I look for really outlandish clothes.

Bright colors.

Neon glow.

Weird patterns.

Strange styles.

Every now and then I stumble across a site that has tons of weird stuff and I go nuts.

Kikiriki is one of my favorites, though seldom do they make anything in my size.

Just the other day I stumbled across Asoph, which has really fun and occasionally tacky clothes.

Perfect for Burning Man events.

I bought a red polka dot mesh dress which I fell in love with:

Strange, isn’t it?

I can totally see me wearing it for Valentine’s Day or for a Red Party.

I totally object to the white bra the model is wearing underneath, however.

Instead, I bought a red high-waisted bikini to go with it:

Sure, it’s slightly funky.

And maybe even a little outrageous.

But it suits me, so I have to have it.

Thick girl in a red dress.

What could be better?