Selling Malevolence

I started watching a show called “Selling Sunset” on Netflix.

It’s about a group of real estate agents working in LA who sell multi-million dollar mansions in very expensive and prestigious neighborhoods.

Naturally, everyone on the show looks like a supermodel and has a wardrobe to make Posh Spice jealous.

I’m not sure why I watched the show, other than to see the outrageous behavior that seems to be allowed in the workplace here. Behavior, which in my workplace would get me fired for being unprofessional and difficult to work with.

For as much as they profess to love each other, they also fight like cats and dogs, saying mean things behind each other’s backs.

Of course the gossipee hears about things that were said and confronts the gossiper.

Generally, there’s some level of bullying and abuse that takes place.

I’ve decided that there’s one person who I love.

Romain Bonnet.

He’s the model husband married to Mary Fitzgerald, who is actually fairly likeable herself.

Romain decided that one of the other agents was a “snake in the grass” and that every time there’s drama, she’s always involved in it.

Of course, it didn’t help that she made fun of his engagement ring to Mary.


Romain decided that he wouldn’t allow a snake to attend his wedding and by golly, he stuck with his decision.

Good for him.

A voice of reason amidst a sea of lunacy.

Tell me I’m not right.


Note:  If you haven’t seen Romain Bonnet, he’s worth googling.  Talk about scrum-dilly-icious!