Photo: Jessica Christian

I live in Northern California.

Unsurprisingly, due to the fires burning near my home, things have been crazy around here lately, starting with the orange-ochre colored sky.

It looks like nighttime at ten in the morning.

I remember being in Sweden during winter in 2017 and seeing the sky go dark at 3 pm.

This reminds me a little of that except it’s creepy, like being stuck in a sepia toned picture.

Gone are the blue skies and fluffy clouds I’m so familiar with.

Instead there’s a red sun and ash falling from the sky.

It’s on my car.

On the pool cover.

Even on the canopy set up in the backyard.

It’s an eerie feeling, living in the dark during the daytime.

Barbara posted on Facebook that she had to drive to work with her headlights on AT NOON.

So I know that it’s more than just me feeling displaced and out-of-sorts.

My prayers go to those people who have lost loved ones and property to the fires.

Pray for California (and Oregon and Washington).

Matter of fact, pray for the world.

We need it.

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