“I’m not perky.”

I bought a new costume!

Can you guess what it’s for?

I’ll show you the dress and maybe you can guess:

Prim and proper black A-line dress, white collar. . .

What could it be for?

It’s for Wednesday Addams from the Addams family!

Did you guess right?

I love Wednesday Addams.

I can totally relate to being a young girl and not fitting in with the in-crowd.

To being different and being made fun of.

And to a little bit wanting to make a face at the bitches who made my life difficult just for their own pleasure.

So here are a few Wednesday Addams quote, to darken your day or lighten it up depending on your attitude:

“Are they made from real Girl Scouts?”

“You severely underestimate my apathy.”

“I’m not perky.”

I’ll clean my room in exchange for your immortal soul.”

“This is my costume. I’m a homicidal maniac. They look just like everyone else.”