A few weeks ago, I bought this dress from Fashion Nova:

I happen to love it and think it makes a perfect fall dress.

Well, two things – one, it’s super long. Like so long I had to hem it a good 8-12 inches, so that it wouldn’t drag on the ground.

And two, you can’t wear a bra with this dress due to the plunging neckline in front AND in back.

So yesterday, I hopped online and I bought a bunch of adhesive bras.

Yes, I am going to attempt to use adhesive to tame my size G kittens.

Who knows if it’ll work or not.

First, I bought your classic boob tape:

Then I got some special “lifting” adhesive bras, just in case the engineering of a bra using tape is beyond my capacity:

And finally, I bought some of those cute bunny eared adhesive bras because YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT’S GOING TO WORK:

In reality, it’ll probably take a combination of these three items to actually secure my breasts in their proper place while wearing this dress.

For inspiration, I’m looking at this pic of Kim Kardashian:

Kim’s got some serious cleavage too and she got the tape to work for her (of course, she’s using duct tape), so I am hopeful that I will have similar results.

Wish me luck!