Trash the dress

There’s a thing on TikTok, I’ve discovered which amuses me greatly.

It’s called #TrashTheDress and as you’ve maybe surmised, it’s about taking your wedding dress and completely thrashing it.

I mean, I SAVED my dress but I’ve never worn it again and part of me does think it would’ve been cool to get pictures of us trashing the dress in the pool or in the ocean at the end of the wedding party.


Trashed the dress👰🏼 but so worth it for the photos @brandonmeck #trashthedress #tulum #weddingdress #wedding #foryou

♬ Memories (Drinks Bring Back) – Ajay Stephens

That said, it seems an alternate thread has popped up where #TrashTheDress means you’re getting divorced and so you completely ruin the dress you wore to your wedding while a hired photographer takes professional photos and video of you doing it.

Occasionally, the song playing in the background refers to the husband cheating on his wife.


And NOW, there’s something even more nasty than thrashing your own dress:

Doing a boudoir photoshoot to commemorate your divorce.

Yes, you read that right.

Something to say that you’re untying the knot and re-entering the dating pool.

Well, you know what I say?

Good for her!

I think every woman should experience a boudoir photoshoot at least once and who am I to judge how someone should heal from their divorce?

One thought on “Trash the dress

  1. I guess passing dresses on to the next generation isn’t done anymore. I still would have a hard time trashing my dress for any reason. It was so simple and had so much work put into it by people after I bought it! I still want a boudoir shoot. Just because. I don’t have much lingerie, though. I have a couple of sexy outfits, but those are hidden deep in totes where no one will see them and judge! I only posted my Rocky Horror photos in here, because it was safer than anywhere else! lol

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