Cheese is love

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Cheese is love.

Not chocolate.

Oh, we like to think that chocolate is the most decadent, the most delicious and the most romantic of all gastronomical adventures but I’m here to tell you NO!

It’s cheese.

Cheese wraps you in a warm blanket of gooey goodness.

It’s salty and sends taste buds firing in exquisite ecstasy.

A masterpiece of nature’s most basic food.

I’m here to tell you that when I think of a romantic, sexy meal it’s filled with wine and CHEESES!

You say raclette. I say love.

You say triple cream brie. I say love.

In my house, cheese means love.

When I was growing up, my mother covered meals in cheese, so it’s no wonder I equate cheese with love.

She makes mashed potatoes that are ORANGE there’s so much cheese in them.

And her favorite vegetable?

Zucchini covered in a sheet of melted parmesan cheese.

There are days when I SWEAR I could live off condiments, crackers and cheese.