Birthday Party

I’ve finally settled on what I’m going to do for my 47th birthday.

I’m hosting a Zoom party for my friends.

We can social distance from home AND celebrate at the same time.

I’ve decided on a HAT theme for my birthday, since hats show up so well on zoom, and lord knows that my friends have MANY of them!

Even if it’s your favorite team’s baseball cap.

So wish me luck as I embark on the perilous journey of trying to book entertainment for my birthday.

I’m after my favorite bawdy songstress, the awesome Ms. Rachel Lark, to see if she can show up for my zoom and play a few of my favorite songs of hers.

Songs like The Unicorn Song:

And The World’s Really Fucked But This Show Will Be Pretty Good.

The IRONY in all this is that my birthday is THE DAY BEFORE ELECTION DAY.

So it’s possible the world will really be screwed, but this party will be pretty good.

Don’t miss it!