Trials and tribulations

I bought a lovely silver sequin dress for my Miss Piggy costume.

The problem is, there’s no thigh revealing side slit!

The slide slit is missing.

But that can be fixed by a skilled seamstress, no?

Well, the first place I went to wouldn’t alter the dress, but the SECOND place I went to agreed to give me a nice slit up the right side of the dress for $32.

The shoes I bought also needed a little help.

So I took them in to a repair shop for a little extra elastic.

My pink faux fur stole arrived and looks remarkably pale and almost purple-ish.

But It’ll work.

I actually think the coolness of the pink will go quite nicely with the silver dress.

It’s the ballerina pink gloves which might give me trouble.

I may need to shop for paler pink gloves to match the pink faux fur stole, like these sheer pink opera gloves:

And there you have it, a costume ready for a socially distanced Halloween Party.

Now, if only I knew of one. . .


Just kidding.  I’m going.

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