Mini Dress Haul

I’ve been watching YouTube influencers and they’ve inspired me to buy a selection of dresses I normally wouldn’t buy because I really want to look sexy and cute in some adorable dresses so I can get my flirt on.

Yes, the season is starting to change from summer to fall, but throw on a pair of boots or booties and call it a day.

It works for me.

Here are the dresses I bought:

I think they’re all beautiful in their own way but I’m especially pleased with the keyhole leopard print dress (add a belt) and the red rose print wrap around dress, which would pair nicely with a set of thigh high boots and a wool jacket for winter.

The red dress I love because red is one of my favorite colors.

And I love the print on the purple floral print dress.

All in all, I’d say I’ve got several new flirtatious dresses to wear when I go out and want to feel pretty and poised.

If only I could find room in my closet to hang them up. . .

Mini dress hauls are fun but challenging when it comes to storage.



Keyhole leopard print midi dress ($15) – LINK
Red rose print mini dress ($19) – LINK
Red wrap-around mini dress ($16) – LINK
Purple floral print mini dress ($16) – LINK

3 thoughts on “Mini Dress Haul

  1. Mini dresses on me are almost the right length! I adore maxi, but 95% of those need serious hemming. Which is beyond my capabilities. I can sew, but hemming is something else! I much prefer the type of fabric that leaves an unfinished hem. Except those are not wearable all the time. C’est le vie!
    These dresses of yours are adorable! I love the rose one and the keyhole is flirty and nice at the same time. Well done!!!

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