One is the new two

Haven’t you heard, being single is the new happy.

I have a friend who dates several men but she considers herself single.

No one to slip their laundry into your wash load.

No one’s dysfunctional family to deal with during the holidays.

No one to fight with over how to spend your Friday nights.

Life is simple when you’re single.

You want to go to a party?

You go.

You don’t tentatively accept pending a collaboration with your partner.

I’m happy being single.

It’s easy for me.

As easy as breathing out and breathing in.

Yes, there are things I miss.

Snuggling for one.

And someone to watch movies with on a Saturday night at home without feeling like a loser, for another.

But I’m making my peace with being perpetually single.

Haven’t you heard?

One is the new two.

The world is FILLED with endless possibilities.

2 thoughts on “One is the new two

  1. Your scissors are always where you left them.

    Choosing movies seats was super easy. (Haven’t been the the movies in a bit)

    The dishes stay don’t longer.

    Yeah my made my peace with being single too 😺

    • Scissors..I laughed out loud! I finally had to write on a pair with a sharpie that it was for paper. Thus, keeping my hidden fabric scissors safer than they had been!

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