Has anyone been experimenting with doing their own nails during Covid closures?

I’m desperately in need of a manicure.

I’m so desperate that I’m considering buying an in-home kit.

The nearest I can tell there are two types:  Dip powder and UV light kits.

I’m leaning toward using dip powder.

You paint your nail like normal with a special polish then dip your finger into a little jar of acrylic powder which then bonds to your nail.

I think you do this a few times until you reach your desired thickness, paint a layer of top coat on and you’re good to go.

The other kind uses acrylic gels which you shape into a nail using a heinously toxic chemical then adhere the nail to your nail bed using UV light to cure it.

The benefit to this kind of kit is that you get an INSTANT long nail, instead of having to grow out your nails covering them with acrylic powder every time.

But, I’m not sure my nail shaping skills are honed to perfection.

Honestly, I just need something to strengthen my nails so that they can grow out.

No matter how many vitamins I take, I can still bend my nails ever so easily.

Genetics, that’s what it got me – brittle nails and hair that’s falling out.

Anyways, if you have two cents to share about these types of acrylic nails, please LMK via email at or comment below.

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