Who Knew

Something I learned along the way during my adventures at Burning Man:

“Fishnet tights HURT!”

I’m not kidding, like they REALLY HURT!

They also leave waffle marks on your legs and thighs.

Did you know that recycling old tights into new tights is currently impossible so far in the textile industry?

I did not know this but it makes me feel so much better when I say:

“Fishnet tights HURT!”

I could totally live without them.

Love how they look.

Hate how they feel.

And they’re not recyclable on top of that?

Screw that!

Fortunately, there are a few companies making eco-friendly tights that turn into biomass and gas after 5 years.

But you can do the google search as well as I can.

Just putting it out there because . . . who knew?!

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