Time marches on

When I was a kid, my parents TORTURED me by taking me antique shopping.

I SWEAR, there is nothing less interesting for a teenager than antiques.

Then I got older, bought a house, and needed to decorate it.

Suddenly, antique shopping started to look good.

Hunting for treasures amid a field of garbage.

Finding something REMARKABLE for a steal.

My parents hobby was suddenly diminished by my own obsession with antiquing.

Which is why I was so surprised when I discovered a show called American Pickers.

It’s about a couple of dudes and the occasional chick who travel all over to places in the US finding and buying antique treasures.

Watching this show has reminded me of how much I like antiques.

AND how some people will hold on to anything.

It’s an exercise in claustrophobia when I watch the show.

Talk about pack rats.

But then, occasionally some really neat old stuff shows up.

It just goes to show: one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

But that thrill of peeling through layers of old junk to find something beautiful and unique and treasured is not lost on me.

Time marches on but occasionally you can capture a memory of it.

2 thoughts on “Time marches on

  1. Trash to treasure is so true! Mom left me so much to sift through, mum was adamant I shouldn’t let my sister have it (long story in the various posts! lol), but I also learned if she wanted it, to give it to her. I also realised how tastes can change. As a kid, my sister and I wanted velveeta. Dad would buy Tillamook and as an adult and after living in Tillatown…Well, it really is the better taste!

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