Poor impulse control

I’m of Norwegian descent.

Bear with me.

There’s a reason I’m telling you this.

As a plus size woman of Norwegian descent, I’m always looking for examples of my bodies on other people.

You know this, ladies.

Do we or do we not get a little thrill when we come across someone who shares our size and shape?

So there I am, browsing Instagram when this plus model pops up in my stream:

And I HAPPEN to notice that she’s Norwegian.

And there’s something about her, even though I’m blond and she’s brunette, that reminds me of myself.

So I follow her.

I also happen to notice that she’s wearing a really sexy cherub/angel print mesh dress which I think will make a lovely sexy nightie, should I EVER have the occasion of needing a nightie to impress upon a man that I’m quite sexy.


And here I sit, one hour later totally regretting the purchase.

Because the last thing I need is another nightie to stuff into one of the seven already overflowing drawers that I have.

All because of a cute Norwegian girl.

Like me.

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