Human Disco Ball

I went to a pre-Halloween party last week.

It was a COSTUME party and you know I’m a sucker for a good costume party.

I went as Miss Piggy from The Muppets.

After a delicious socially distanced feast for dinner, we got down to socially distant dancing and revelry.

I think I can safely say a good time was had by all, especially me since it was the debut for my Miss Piggy costume.

I expect it to get some seriously heavy rotation in my costume closet.

The dress was spectacular!

It lit up the inside of the car I was riding in with a million glittering points of light when the sun hit it.

As my friend put it, “You’re your own disco ball!”

And indeed I was.

Miss Piggy dress – $125
Miss Piggy stole – $90
Miss Piggy heels – $55
Miss piggy nose and ears – $45

Turning into a human disco ball for the evening – PRICELESS!

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