I’ve been watching a lot of documentaries lately.

There’s not much better going on during shelter in place.

I figure I’ll expand my knowledge of history by watching documentaries.

I watched a documentary on the House of Windsor.

Did you know that George V and Nicholas II the Czar of Russia were cousins?

However, George V denied amnesty to his cousin during the revolution in Russia due to anti-royal sentiment in Great Britain, thereby setting the stage for the sad demise of the Russian royal family.

And speaking of sad demises, it’s really hard to watch any reenactment of the Princess Diana and Prince Charles “love” story which starts out lovely – a beautiful girl becoming a Princess at age 19, and ends dreadfully, in a car crash in Paris at the young age of 36.

My mom asked me what lesson I’ve learned from watching documentaries and my first piece of advice was:

Don’t marry someone you don’t know.

I know a few successful marriages that started out this way – with engagement and marriage occurring mere weeks after meeting, but that’s the exception to the rule.

I don’t need to worry about this however.

I realize marriage is a far off notion for me and I’m better off single and independent, living my life exactly as I want.

So that’s my takeaway from studying the House of Windsor.

It may seem romantic to live the life of a royal but the realities are much less ideal than one might imagine.

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  1. When I read M. Obama’s ‘Becoming’, it was brought home to me that ordinary can jump up onto the stage of the world. But when those on that world stage marry, it does seem risky. Much better to know the person for a bit… or it should be!

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