Today I got a message from my friend Barbara.

She had a dream I met a guy and we moved to San Diego.

In her dream, she cried because she was going to miss me.

I assured her that I’m not going anywhere.

I’m a Bay Area baby and I love the bay.

But I’d be lying if I didn’t say I’m tempted to move somewhere OTHER THAN THE UNITED STATES at this time.

With all the polarization that’s going on in the country, I wonder if we aren’t headed for some sort of civil war with our neighbors.

And of course I worry about escalating violence in the US.

Maybe I should move to Norway, the country with the HIGHEST quality of life.

Maybe I should move to Sweden, where the women are treated as equals to men, and I (sort of) know the language.

I have a friend who moved to Australia with her love.

Perhaps that’s another good country to move to.

And my friend Michelle lives in London, England with her husband and her dog.

I could see myself moving there.

The bottom line is, I’m not going anywhere but I certainly have THOUGHT about what I would do if I wanted to move.

With my kids almost fully launched, the OPPORTUNITY to move elsewhere does present itself.

But I’m happy where I am for the time being.

Barbara has nothing to worry about.

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