There’s talk about what decompression is.

My understanding of decompression is that it’s a change from one state to another, either gradual or speedy.

I go through decompression after I attend Burning Man every year.

Year one was BRUTAL.

I wasn’t anticipating how it would feel to go from the playa to my home in the default world mere hours apart from each other.

I learned from that year.

Make an appointment to get your hair and nails done the day after you return.


Remember to unpack BEFORE the next burn.




Every burn since my first burn I’ve built into my return to the default world one day with my sister in Reno.

She usually works during the day so I arrive and clean up, shower, and nap.

By the time she arrives home, it’s time to order Chinese food for delivery and chat about the burn.

If I feel like it.

If not, then we chat about something else.

The point is, that one day with just me and my sis, it’s as much the part of my burn now as it is living on the playa for a week.

It’s my decompression.

Then of course, there are Dust Off parties the weekend after Burning Man ends.

And Decompression with a big ‘D’ in San Francisco, California later on in October.

So I gradually acclimatize myself to the default world and slowly withdraw myself from the pressures of Burning Man.