One Hopes

It just occurred to me, now that my employer announced no returning to the office until June 2021 at the earliest, that now is a great time to explore.

And by explore, I mean visit friends in other locations across the country and catch up while “working from home.”

Yes, I’m considering a little travel to see people who are willing to see me – socially distanced, of course.

And once we have a plan to fight covid (be it a vaccine or some novel treatment), I think I’d like to still be able to work from home and travel.

I mean, it’d be great to go to Iceland and visit the Blue Lagoon.

I hear you can get wine while you soak.

Or go to Finland to experience the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) in a glass igloo under the midnight sky,

I mean, I’ve always thought these things were unattainable but now that we’ve seen how well we function while working from home, being tied to a desk and chair during the work week seems like a source of unnecessary space costs.

Do you think that perhaps one of the good things to come out of covid is a more balanced work-life for many people?

Increased travel?

Populating areas which aren’t metropolitan hubs because you don’t need to live less than an hour from work anymore?

Hey, I can hope. . .