Aurora Borealis

Something happened in Indonesia last week.

Perhaps The Bachelor or The Bachelorette Indonesia took a trip to the Finland and spent a romantic night under the aurora borealis in a glass igloo.

I know this because my post “Making Love Under the Aurora Borealis” had many hits over the course of the week.

Personally, I’ve never been to Finland.

Nor have I seen the aurora borealis (aka Northern Lights).

I have aspirations to, of course.

As soon as covid restrictions are lifted and I can talk my sister into going on a trip to Scandinavia with me.

We are the perfect pair to go on trips together.

I constantly want to go places and do activities.

She wants to relax, hit a spa, discover fine dining and chill.

So we’ve agreed that we alternate days of activity with days of rest and AS IT TURNS OUT, this works for me just fine.

It’s not romantic, but it’s definitely adventurous and I’m thrilled to have someone to go on trips with.

All the hits from Indonesia just remind me how much I want to go to Finland and stay in a glass igloo.

We could go on a reindeer safari or ice fishing on my days and on Lisa’s days we can SPAhhhhh!