Growing up

I’m almost ashamed to admit it.

I’ve been collecting shoes for so long based on how they look, for the first time in my life today I passed up on buying a pair of shoes because of how I think they will feel.

Cripplingly painful, is my assessment.

This is a BIG change for me.

In the past, I’ve never cared how shoes would feel on my feet.

I have several pairs of 2-hour shoes that can attest to that.

That’s right – I have shoes I can only wear for 2 hours at a time before they get incredibly painful and require their removal.

Believe you me, I have memories of a night out wearing black studded stiletto heels with an ankle chain and I REMOVED my shoes while walking the streets of San Francisco.

You know you’re desperate to get your shoes off when you’re willing to walk barefoot through grime instead of wearing them.

I think this signifies a shift in me from spending money on shoes which bring me happiness to buying shoes which don’t hobble me.

I’m growing up after all.

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