Pretty Fat Chick

I am not your standard plus size blogger.

I don’t have trolls who insult me.

And I’m not ALL ABOUT being plus size in a world that favors mainstream sizing.

I mean don’t get me wrong. . . I have entire blog posts on my plus size hauls from Shein, New York and Company, and Pretty Little Thing.

And I have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to Plus Size Burning Man.

But it’s not all I write about.

I may not be the posterchild for plus size ladies, there are curvy models far prettier than I who can do a much better job of that.

Ashley Graham, for instance.

I once saw an interview she gave about getting started in modeling where she was told over and over again, “You’re pretty for a fat chick.”

No one’s ever come up to me and said that.

For the most part, I hear nothing but support as I work on increasing my activity and decreasing my caloric intake.

But it’s fair to say that I could, in time, hear someone tell me that.

So I’ve decided to own it.

All of it.

Fat chick?

Yes, that’s PRETTY fat chick to you!

2 thoughts on “Pretty Fat Chick

  1. I’ve been following you for years now, and you are definitely a pretty chick, no one can take that shine from you! A good mother and friend too by the sounds of it, so keep shining and doing you! 😊

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