Let the quilting commence!

I FINALLY finished the back to my nephews’ custom quilt for their mother, my sister-in-law.

It goes to the long arm quilter today to be quilted and then after I pick it up, I trim the quilt and put the binding on the quilt and VOILA. . . another finished quilt.

Here’s what it currently looks like:

I managed to make a matching pillow case to go with the quilt but sadly I only had enough leftover fabric for one pillowcase so the boys will either have to share or let their mother have it.

I’ve begun working on another quilt.

This one is for my nephew Calvin and it’s a seahorse/ocean themed quilt with “9-patch” squares that make up the main design.

I love the look of the window panes – it’s as if you’re looking through a glass bottom boat into the ocean and it’s teeming with life – with seahorses, whales, dolphins, sea stars, coral, fish and more!

Here’s a peek at some of the squares already assembled:

Personally, I love it and the only thing bothering me right now is the fact that I can’t find the fabric I bought to make the back of the quilt.

Wish me luck with this new quilt.

It shouldn’t take longer than a week to complete.