Pleasure and 2021

I’m attending a zoom “course” on pleasure and toys.

That’s right.

I’m determined to make 2021 a year of excitement and pleasure.

2020 was for the most part, devoid of much pleasure.

Oh sure, there was the occasional satisfaction I derived from doing something fun – like attending the Micro Burn and learning Swedish.

I certainly haven’t been flush with activities the way I usually am – going from one event to another, working on costumes, and having fun with friends.

By and large, being single and sheltering in place doesn’t really allow for much self-indulgence and I’m going to remedy that.

What better way than to attend a zoom webinar on tips for a pleasure-filled New Year?

New pillows, massage oils, candles, toys, and more. . .

Let’s see what’s on the market.

Talk about going out with a bang!

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