Swedish Retreat

The Swedes are known for their sensuality being the first country to portray female nudity and pleasure in cinematography.

There’s a reason why the most famous of all massages is known as a “SWEDISH” massage.

A new Swedish friend has introduced me to my latest bucket list item:


Sexsability is a festival designed around sexual expression.

It’s also all-inclusive.

So whether you’re gay, hetero, bi, queer, man, lady, transsexual, virgin, swinger, single, poly, prude, nudist, fetishist, tantrika, vanilla, or anything else under the sun, you are WELCOME to attend.

Everything I do well, everything I’m good at I’ve taken the time to practice.




Why not take a week out of my life to visit Sweden (again) and experience love, trust, inner peace, and ecstasy.

Why not practice that a little more and get better at that?

Improve my communication skills in and out of the bedroom?

Train myself to become a better lover?

The best part of all is that this festival is a conscious camping festival meaning you get to camp with all the other participants in tents while enjoying workshops, activities, and coaching.

And you know how I love camping (and leaving no trace).

This could be the perfect event for me.