Unicorn of the sea

Did you know that a heroic man fought off the London Bridge knife attacker with a narwhal tusk taken from the wall?

I’ve loved narwhals since before they were catapulted into the spotlight by a resourceful Brit.

I like narwhals because they are elusive creatures, rarely seen and studied since they live in the most remote and coldest parts of the ocean.

They have the most unique characteristics.

Who knew a 2,500 pound, spiral tusked, ocean dwelling mammal could be so loveable?

A narwhal tusk can be up to 10 feet long and weigh up to 22 pounds.

About 50% of a narwhal composition is fat and their surrounding fat is 3-4 inches thick to protect them from the cold waters of Greenland, Canada and Norway.

The current quilt I’m working on has narwhals in it and I love them.

Every time I come across one in the fabric, I get happy.

Narwhals are cool creatures!

Unicorns of the sea.