The Strawberry Dress

I’m not sure I can write a word right now unless it has something to do with The Strawberry Dress.

That’s right, I have a CRAZY strawberry dress.

It’s pink tulle with red strawberries and it’s SO DREADFUL that it’s perfect.

I’m not sure I can wear it anywhere else besides a burner event, but for better or worse, I’m now the proud owner of a really FRILLY, totally WACKO, and completely UNUSUAL strawberry dress.

And you know what you need to go with a strawberry dress, do you not?

Oh, how I wish the answer to that was a $2,000+ strawberry Gucci bag. . .

But instead I got these:

Nowadays you need to match your outfit to a suitable mask, you know.

I’m scoping out strawberry handbags, necklaces and earrings but when I started checking out strawberry hats, I had to slow my roll. . .

. . . and get these strawberry nails from Shein instead:

But then I saw these:

And I was a goner.

Send help.

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